Risky Business

I’ve learned that being vulnerable can amount to great hurt, but that great hurt and aches can amount to producing wonderful growth. And, wonderful growth can turn into unfathomable love and unfathomable love equals a life worth living in the risk of vulnerability.

Are you in the habit of risky business? I mean do you put yourself out there and make yourself vulnerable at the risk of getting hurt. Don’t we always hear, anything good in life doesn’t come easy or free.

Well, that sure can be said of Jesus. He paid a high price, the ultimate price for risky business. He laid down His life, allowed His Son to be mocked, tortured, crucified, killed, and for what? In hopes that we would repent and accept His gift of salvation, an opportunity, to be in relationship with Him.  That’s pretty intense vulnerability if you ask me. That’s taking risky business to a whole new level.  But it’s still a picture, an example for us to learn from.

An example, that calls us to be like Jesus, to make ourselves vulnerable, to take chances on others in hopes that they would enter into a meaningful, purposeful, intentional, relationship with us. Relationships come with a price, some at a higher cost than others.

What you invest, what you put into, and how vulnerable you allow yourself to become often determines the depth, the richness and the cost of that relationship. You get to decide how rich and how full your life is going to be. Invest wisely. Be genuine, be vulnerable and reap the blessings of entering into the riskiest business of all….people.  Peoples lives are what matter. They are at stake. It’s going to be messy.  Take a risk.



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