The Unveiling of Wonder Woman


First, let me start by saying this. Wonder Woman is just that, a wonder. A mystery never to be solved. Strong, powerful, compassionate, beautiful and has a heart to save the world from all that is evil.

So where has she been hiding?  I usually like to hide in the bathroom. You know in case of an emergency. But when things get tough out there and I have to make a quick decision, the closet takes a close second.  Where I stash the good stuff. You know the stuff that puts the WO in Woman.

I think I know the real reason she’s been hiding.  She makes me feel like it’s ok to rock my leggings 3 days straight because I haven’t seen her change her outfit in decades!  You don’t need to feel embarrassed Wonder Woman.  Thank you for making me feel beautiful in my stained and smelly 3 day leggings and unwashed hair.

I think I know the real reason she left her island home to conquer the world.  I mean, who wants to lounge around on a tropical island tanning themselves while sipping mojito’s all day? Yes, I’d like to leave all that. Said NO WOMAN EVER!  But I get it. There was a higher calling.

Tired of  comparing yourself to Wonder Woman and always falling short?  Feeling like you’re taking the weight of the world on your shoulders raising little ones, keeping your marriage sizzling and being the chairwoman of every organization available out there.

Are you an over worked, over tired mom just trying to keep it all together? I thought that was the very definition of motherhood; over worked, over tired and underpaid!  All you’re asking for is a little appreciation. Maybe even a small pat on the back, I know, crazy talk here.

Are you looking for someone to say, you’re a great mom! You’re doing a wonderful job!  It’s completely normal to hide in your closet eating chocolate and having a sip of boxed wine that you stashed away just for days like this (everyday).

If so, look no further. You are in the right place.

Back to Wonder Woman. Where is she hiding?  I think you better take a look in the mirror.

She’s right there staring back at you. She may not have beautiful raven locks flowing down her back, sexy knee-high red boots, or that perfect hour-glass figure staring back you (or maybe you do).  But what she does have, is the face of a warrior, a fighter who takes on the challenges of the world each day by fighting off evil to protect her children, her family, her marriage and herself.  She has the scars and the wounds to prove that she has been in battle for years maybe even more than she can count.

She faces each day with tenacity, kindness and love. She conquers to-do lists, the jobs of multiple other individuals (cleaning lady, taxi driver, career woman, counselor, chairman and CEO) athletic schedules, homework and dinner. She keeps everyone alive.

She stands stunningly beautiful beneath the unshowered scent, ponytail and lack of make-up.  She is a wonder. A true beauty among beauties. A mystery yet to be solved.

She is Wonder Woman.

She is YOU.

Now go put your cape back on and get back to saving the world !  Or at least the small humans parading around your living room in their underwear.

And sometimes even Wonder Woman needs a day in her closet eating chocolate, drinking boxed wine and dreaming of tropical beaches and mojitos.









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