When Life Hands You Snow…

Being a native of Northern Michigan, snow is a very familiar thing to me. However, having spent the last decade of my life in California, I have experienced a very different set of climates in comparison.

Michiganders think it’s funny to see pictures of California in snow. They sit at home and wonder if the sun will ever shine again. Or worse yet, they’ll experience rain, sun and snow all in the same day. I’m so confused as to what I should wear!

Northern Californians think it’s something special to experience a snowy day.  Southern Californians think it’s a modern-day miracle and the world must be coming to and end. They drive like it too! I can’t speak for the rest of the nations regions as I’ve only had the pleasure of experiencing these three. I’m sure that wherever you are, you fit into at least one of these categories.img_20161226_104625

North, South, East or West, what do you do on a snowy day? Do you like to curl up in  the comfiest chair in the house with a good book and a warm drink? Do you like to bury yourself under your bed covers to stay warm and think happy thoughts. Or, do you like to head outside and brave the elements?

Personally, I’m more of a curl up in the chair with a good book kind of girl, but that  may just be the season of life that I’m in. Sitting in silence long enough to read one sentence typically doesn’t happen with three small children around. At least not during the daylight hours where you could even tell if it was snowing outside. I know. I know. California has made me soft. But, on a sunny day when the wind isn’t whipping around and cutting your warmth up like chop suey, I do enjoy a good snow day.

I remember doing all kinds of fun things in the snow when I was a kid. Playing Fox and Geese, sledding until we dropped, ice skating down our frozen dirt road, ice fishing, playing hockey, snowmobiling, building snowmen, building massive snow forts preparing for an epic snowball war, rolling in garbage cans down the hill, (ok, maybe that wasn’t a snow thing just more of a kids being kids thing), eating icicles until our tongues were numb, making snow cones and making snow ice cream.img_20170103_135023

We recently had our first good snow of  winter and I had the pleasure of introducing my kids to snow ice cream for the first time. You would have thought it was Christmas all over again. They watched the process with their eyes glued to the bowl in anticipation of magic happening right before their very  eyes. As I mixed up the ingredients and added the snow, we watched the transformation turned tasty treat become ready to be devoured. Smooth, creamy, cold, ice cream!

I know as an adult, snow usually isn’t viewed as something fun. Typically, it represents work and stress. Shoveling sidewalks, plowing drive ways, driving in unpleasant conditions, freezing our tootsies off, wet clothes, wet carpet and so on. But with this little treat, it melted all the worries away. It made my day watching their faces light up with joy at each bite. Such a simple treat. Such a simple recipe. Such joy. All from a little bit of snow.


Here’s the recipe:


Beat together in a chilled bowl:

1 cup of powdered sugar

1 cup of whipping cream

1 teaspoon of vanilla

Stir in enough snow until you have smooth consistency.

My kids love to eat snow. It’s truly an obsession. So the oldest was asked to collect some fresh, white, emphasis on white, snow in bowl to make our ice cream. She was a little over zealous with the amount she packed into that bowl. We hardly put a dent in it making our ice cream. We only used about 4 cups of snow total.


The next time life hands you snow….make snow ice cream!


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