Breaking Ground

Hi! My name is Kristie and welcome to my blog, His Lilies of the Field.  I want to share with you the inspiration and struggle behind His Lilies of the Field as it holds a very deep and personal meaning for me. The name took birth in my mind several years ago when I was learning what it meant to rest for success. Success being defined as being true to my vision and values for my family, my business, my personal growth and wellness, not necessarily the worlds stereotypical definition of success; ie money, power, social status. So this idea of taking time to rest throughout my day (and I’m not referring to sleeping, although sometimes that’s exactly what this momma needs) to obtain mental clarity, to function with purpose, to be efficient, to know true peace and to hear the important things through the chaos that life reigns down was something I desperately wanted, but didn’t know how to obtain.


My family has been through it’s share of ups and downs, including having moved numerous times; some of which were across country on more than one occasion, suffering from job losses, being completely stripped of my health that nearly claimed my life at age 30, and having 3 babies all in the span of 9 years of marriage. I was tired. Tired of feeling like a hamster on the wheel running breathless and getting nowhere. I felt directionless, frustrated, exhausted, unproductive and anxious. This bible verse kept showing up in my life, Matthew 6:28 “And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin…”.

It was then I knew I needed to jump off that hamster wheel and learn just exactly what it meant to to be a lily of the field. It was time for me to  learn to grow and flourish where I have been planted no matter what I am facing.  I needed to learn how to turn my petals to the sun and soak in their rays and simply blossom. No more spinning.

This has been a long anticipated goal of mine to have my own blog and I’ve been on an incredible roller coaster of a journey to get to where I’m at today.  My goal is to share those things I’ve learned along the way with you; to encourage you on those tough days, to give you a little piece of hope in the midst of trials,  and some humor to lighten the mood because having fun is just as important.  Antidotes of motherhood and holding together a family, inspirational quotes, healthy recipes, unhealthy recipes, music, and the great outdoors are all things that speak to my heart and bring joy into my life. My desire is that the the joy I experience through things that I’m passionate about will overflow onto you throughout your day, whether it be an encouraging word, a hope filled story, or learning something new.  Inspired by my journey through life of constantly learning, growing and blossoming into the person I am created to be; journey along with me as I share what it means to grow where you are planted through, faith, family, fun, food and humor.


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